Natural Hair Glossary…

I’M BACK!! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have been super busy! But that is a good thing, If you aren’t busy in real estate then you aren’t really in real estate! (Another post for another day!)

I wanted to create a natural hair glossary for all of my guys and gals that don’t know certain key terms. Education is key to success in what ever you do! I have collaborated with some very knowledgable ladies to put this list together! I hope it helps! Feel free to comment with more terms if I leave any out!

AVG (aloe vera gel): the mucilaginous juice that is harvested from the aloe plant. Known for it’s soothing and healing propertiesaloevera_geljuice

BC (big chop): cutting off all of your relaxed hair down to the natural hair. (starting over)

Braid Out: Plating hair using three stands of hair, let air dry (or use a diffuser), then taking out plats once hair is completely dry. This is a method of extending hair. (see shrinkage)

Co-Wash: using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair. also aids in the detangling process.

DC (deep conditioning): applying your favorite conditioner and allowing to sit for 30 mins to an hour or more. Personally I haven’t been able to tell a difference in a DC and quick conditions. But I recommend that you try it out!

DIY (do it yourself): DIY can range from hairstyles to homemade hair remedies. Mane-Thing specializes in homemade DIY remedies for naturals on the go!

Finger Coils: applying product of choice and using your fingers to twist and curl your hair. end result should be close to Shirley Temple curls!

finger coils

Henna: a reddish brown dye obtained from the leaves of the henna plant used on hair and temporary tattoos


henna in brick form and melted down

High Poof: Gathering of hair on top of head, the essential hairstyle when you want to put off wash day, or if a vlog tutorial experiment goes wrong!

JBCO (Jamaican black castor oil): rich in omega-9 fatty acids (good fats!) it helps to prevent scalp dryness. May also help to promote hair growth! (I haven’t tried it yet but I will blog about it once I give it a go!)

LCO or LOC method: using liquid, oil and conditioner as a ritual to maintain and moisturize hair.

Locs: intentionally matted and sculpted ropes of hair; also known as dreads or dreadlocs

babe's locs

My honey’s locs!

LOPO (low porosity): (see porosity)

Mane-Thing: A company devoted to helping natural women and men feed their natural beauty!

Nappy: having many tight bends or curls!

Natural: releasing the hold of the creamy crack! A complete paradigm shift in how black women and men take care of their hair.

Patience: something every natural must have! Lush curls and popping fro’s don’t happen over night (sometimes it does with a banging twist out!) It takes time to figure out what works for you! Remember what works for someone else may not work for you!

Pineapple: Gathering of hair on top of head and using a scrunchie to hold it. method used to make twist outs, wash n go’s, and braid outs last longer. (not to be confused with a high poof)

Porosity: varies from high, normal, and low; the hairs ability to absorb moisture (I have tried the porosity test, not sure if I am completely sold on the concept!)

Product Junkie: naturals that buy every product they can get their hands on, this typically happens during the beginning stages of going natural; some women find joy in buying new products; others…not so much!

product junkie

Protective Styling: styles that protect your natural hair from over exposure to the outside elements and environmental pollution. styles that use minimal hair manipulation and maintenance.

Shea Butter: the fatty substance found in the nut of the Shea tree. Colors can vary from ivory to yellow. (my absolute favorite hair and skin moisturizer!)

shea nut

harvesting shea nuts for processing

Self-Love: it takes self-love to get use to the natural you! Those days after the big chop are remorseful for some naturals, some naturals also find it difficult to wear their own hair out of fear of judgment. Self -love is the best way to wipe out the negativity involving your natural hair! Whether you are facing the short stages in locs, or rocking the TWA, you are beautiful!

Shingling method: when you rake or finger the product such as gel,custard, or jelly section by section (very small sections) in your hair to define your curls. It’s a very tedious process but results in very defined curls. Most do this on wash and go hairstyle

Shrinkage: when your natural curls completely tighten! it can make shoulder blade length hair look 2 inches long!

TWA (teen weeny afro): the hair style you rock right after your big chop! (some women love the TWA and wear it as their signature style!)

nea's twa

Side shot of my TWA (major tb!)

Twist Out: two strand twists left to air dry (or use a diffuser). once hair is completely dry remove the two strand twists for fluffy curly hair! (my favorite hair style!)

fresh twist out

FRESH twist out!!

Vloggers: video bloggers that can be your best and worst friends! They give tutorials on their hair regimens and styles. The best regimens come from trial and error!

Washday: this day becomes longer and more drawn out the bigger you’re fro gets! It involves a washing, detangling, and moisturizing your hair. Always stay positive on washday, the results are always worth the arm workout!

WNG (wash and go): using a combination of products to keep your curls defined as if you’re hair was still wet.

Palm Puff: That tumble weed of hair that you pile up after a detangling session.


Dusting: Clipping stray ends to make your fro even. It is just a light way to trim your ends.








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