Opinions are just opinions. They mean absolutely nothing. An opinion is not the truth, it holds no weight, and it doesn’t change the world.

Last week was pretty difficult.I think the statistic was, a black person died at the hands of a cop everyday since the forth of July. All of these killings honestly brought me to tears. I ranted to my husband for hours and hours about how difficult it was to be black in America. My husband was upset as well. Seeing a man being forced to the ground for selling CD’s, something that he use to do to promote his music, was pretty earth shattering for him. All he kept saying was “that could have been me.”¬†

What I am going to say, might be difficult to understand but…it’s real. I could have let all of these killings knock me off of my game. In fact, it did a little. I almost joined a local


Because they do…

protest group, because I just felt so angry. After a conversation with Mario we decided not to go. We discussed all of the things that needed to truly happen, for the black community to really see some change. This would involve people quitting their jobs and opening their own businesses, true team work within the black community. Honestly, we are far from that. I don’t get a lot of support or positivity from my brothers and sisters right now taking the risk that I am taking with my life (but a serious thank you to those who have been supportive). I have had more people say that I am crazy, rather than pour positivity into my situation.

I have to keep going. Racism isn’t new. This is not a new hurdle for any person of color. People hating you because of the color of your skin isn’t a new idea. I am over fighting for acceptance and equality. At the end of the day I just want what’s mine. Love and Happiness. The conclusion that I reached is if someone hates you, whether it is for the color of your skin, your sexuality, etc. then you are not the problem. They have a problem with themselves. NEVER TAKE SOMEONE ELSES HATE FOR YOUR PERSONALLY. I believe in love. I believe love always wins.



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