The Youtube journey begins!

I posted my first video yesterday and I’m pretty excited! Afros and Condos blog will now offer videos and tutorials! This is a big deal for me. I have decided to just put myself out there and to not have any expectations from it. Honestly I love natural hair, I love talking about it, I love maintaining it, I love seeing other women that are natural. I believe that my passion for it will show and I believe that others will appreciate that.

The quality isn’t where I want it to be just yet. I recorded my first video on my ’12 MacBook and I tried to get as much natural light in there as possible! But again, I’m just starting with what I have and giving it all I got! I look forward to doing more videos and watching the quality grow! Do you guys have you channels, if so what was your biggest fear about starting, what pushed you to just start? I would love to read more about your journeys!

P.S. Tips on working youtube are greatly appreciated! Please deposit them in the comment section!!


Encouraging Words…

What do you want out of life? What do you want to do with your life? If you could snap your fingers and create your perfect life, what would it look like? All of those questions were a struggle for me to answer.

I have never been the type of person that had laser focus, or just knew exactly what it is I wanted to do with myself. In fact the only thing I was really sure about, was that I wanted a family of my own one day. I have manifested the family, now I want to create a great life for them that is full of adventure and unique experiences.

In order for anything to really move in your life you have to have clarity. It’s funny, sometimes the universe will allow you to go astray from your plan of action just so that you can realize there was nothing wrong with your plan in the first place, or you may realize I never want to abandon that plan again!

Recently we had been led off of our path by something that we believed to be an opportunity. It looked, felt, and smelled like an opportunity, but it really wasn’t. Mario and I wrote out a plan, and we mapped out our moves, and we allowed 1 choice to take us off course for a year. With that year came plenty of blessings and a lot of contrast. After the decision we made a promise to never veer off course again. If what someone is offering us doesn’t align with what we are creating, then we have to say no to it, no matter how good it may sound.

I do believe that if it wasn’t for that year, I never would have the clarity that I have today. We had hit such a low point, that we realized that we will never give up on our goals, and we will always stay focused on all the things we are creating.

So the moral of this story is, be confident in your plan. You have everything you need to see it through!

Good Hair vs. Bad Hair

The great texture debate has been plaguing the black community forever. Every time I hear “I hope my baby has that good hair” or “I got bad hair that’s why I wear a weave” ugh it makes me CRINGE! I can’t believe some of things people are still saying in 2018!

A public service announcement for everyone…ALL HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL! My husband and I had a conversation about how people talked bad about his hair texture as a kid because it was so kinky. Our daughter has inherited the same hair that he has, and I think it’s amazing! Their curls are so tiny and their hair loves the sun! They both have these bits of gold and blond in their hair, it’s beautiful!

Loving your hair is a long process. I think the natural hair “movement” (because let’s face it, being natural is a lifestyle) does put women with a certain curl type in the fore front, making women with the kinkier textures feel insecure out their own crown.  I have come to learn, that every industry has to set a standard, whether it is for beauty, size, career, salary etc. because it helps them make money. If we tell you what is beautiful and that’s not even realistic, you will constantly spend your money to live up to those standards.


I’m almost positive that’s a wig…almost!

The good hair bad hair thing, is a big reason why I created my hair product, was to give some unity for women and to inspire them to love their own curl patterns. And


I have 4a in the front, 3c in the back, and 4b throughout

ladies PAHLEESE, don’t get caught up in these curl pattern charts, I swear I have like 3 different textures in my fro alone (and I started a loc)! All hair is beautiful, it is about how you care for it and how much self confidence you have.

Do you find yourself feeling a little self conscious over beauty vloggers and natural hair ads? If so what do you do to combat those feelings? No worries, I’ve definitely been there too!

#Issa Photo Shoot!

I took a little break from blogging because Mario and I decided to give our real estate business a new energy by rebranding it! I am very happy with how the photos came out. Emily did our head shots, (we collaborated on my product pictures as well). I am very happy with the direction our business is heading in, we just need to be more productive on the selling front.

Sometimes in real estate, things don’t unfold the way you hoped they would. You can go from having 5 really good clients to 0 over night. But I am always pulling the positives from every lesson life is teaching me. Those 5 people are just clearing the way for 10 more that are ready to change their lives! I love helping people on their home buying journey so much, I almost get a little depressed when I’m not working with anyone! I am grateful that I love what I do that much!

So with all the down time we have had, I had been reading marketing books and really putting together a strategy for our social media pages. If we get the kind of traction that I am hoping for, I will empower others to do the same with their small businesses. I already have a name in mind for our marketing and branding company! Any who, here are a few pictures from the shoot! They were taken all over the Neon District located in downtown Norfolk, it is such a cool vibe over there! What are some of the best places that you have taken pictures? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always looking for cool places to shoot content!

Life is too short…to wear a weave.

STORY TIME!!! Every since I was a little girl I have always wanted big hair. Like my lot in life, was to have this massive mane, so big that I would have to sit in the back of the classroom. I don’t experiment with my hair a lot, mostly because I’m super low maintenance. At times I wish I was an A.K.A type of girl, always well kept with the cleanest french manicure. I accepted early in life that just wasn’t my style! Here is the story that lead to that epiphany.

The summer of ’10 was a big summer for me. I graduated high school, I was starting college and I met the love of my life. Things were really changing and I felt that I should try a new hair do to commemorate these changes! I had my mom give me a partial sew in. So most of the length was in the back of my hair while I kept my relaxed hair out on the top, front, and sides. I loved it! It looked like it was my hair! You couldn’t tell me nothing the way I was flipping those inches over my shoulder!

Anyways, I keep the partial sew in most of the summer, taking it out and letting my hair breath, then I got a fresh one before I went to college. I love to swim. The summer of ’10 wasn’t filled with too much water activity which is why my hair never posed a problem until my birthday.

My lovely husband, took me to Myrtle beach for a fabulous birthday get away! It was perfect. I am a Virgo, so I am obsessed with the ocean. My beau and I sat on the beach and watched the waves. He said “babe you have been talking about the beach all summer, go swim!” I had to explain to him that I couldn’t afford to get my weave wet. That would ruin all the cute birthday outfits I had planned for our little get away.  When I said that, this white couple sitting behind us said “WHAT?! you can’t swim cause you have a weave!? I thought that was your hair!?” (Yuhp, one of those moments.) It then hit me how silly it was that we came all the way to the beach and I didn’t swim in the ocean because of my hair.


It wasn’t just the weave. I realize now that when I had a relaxer, things like getting caught in the rain, or not getting in the pool because I didn’t want to ruin my silk wrap that week wasn’t worth the sacrifice. I never realized how much hair held me back from certain experiences. After I did my big chop, I felt liberated. I could swim when I wanted, I could enjoy getting stuck in the rain, I could ride with the sunroof and the windows down, I just felt free. I love getting my hair wet and seeing the pretty curl pattern come through, or the fact that I can rock my black power fro, and still be beautiful after getting stuck in the rain, or how my fro feels when it’s blowing in the wind.

My big chop liberated me, and took me on an amazing journey. I love my hair so much that I don’t wear sew ins or wigs anymore. It is just a personal preference! I miss my hair when it is braided up!

What is the most liberating thing that you have done? Maybe it was a change in style, a job, or ending a relationship or taking that dream vacation. I would love to hear your stories! Comment down below!

Your Wash Day takes HOW LONG!?

31165962_2065377860145265_5915354836399816704_nI keep seeing this meme floating around with sponge bob in regard to washday! Wash day can be insane! I use to be in the shower detangling for so long that the water would be FREEZING and I would always have a “mini-cold,” I have managed to cut my washday down substantially just by doing some small adjustments to my weekly routine!

The biggest adjustment I made was keeping my hair stretched all the time. My go to hair style is a twist out but I do like to wear my hair up into a high poof! I noticed the weeks that I wore my hair in that high poof all the time wash day was TORCHER! Wearing your hair stretched helps cut down on those horrible fairy knots!!

DISCLAIMER! A lot of naturals may come for me but this is what works for me! I only detangle my hair once a month with a comb. Yuhp, once a month! Detangling every


“Palm Puff”

week was pulling out so much of my hair. When that little “palm puff” of hair is huge after a detangling session, you can bet that you broke off some of your curls during the process. When I co wash, I rake my fingers through my wet hair to work the conditioner into my curls until they are fully coated. I have been able to cut down the size of my “palm puff” substantially! I even feel my fro has been more full!

Drying!! In the beginning stages of being natural I used a towel to dry my hair. No. Don’t do that y’all! Towels cause more of those wretched fairy knots! I use a t-shirt or one of my infants baby blankets. You want a soft absorbent material to dry your hair after a wash. Now, I know a lot of ladies use a defuser which is awesome (I’ve never used one). I prefer to let my hair air dry until it’s still a little damp before I twist it up. I haven’t used heat on my hair in like 5 years, I’m not even sure if I know how to use a blow dryer or flat iron anymore! The air drying portion of my wash day is actually where the bulk of my time goes.

Lastly, I dust my ends every time I twist my hair for a twist out. For those that don’t know, dusting your ends means that you trim the uneven ends of your fro. When I clip my stray ends, detangling is a lot faster and my hair retains moisture even better.

Remember the more care you give your hair through out the week the easier wash day will become and the more time you will save. I hope this helps you guys make wash day less of a struggle. But just like life, washday is what you make it! I consider wash day, my me time! I play music, and I just love on my hair! Self care is so important in a healthy balanced life!


The Verdict is in!

I used the Maui Moisture for about one month now. I noticed that my hair was dryer than usual after a few deep conditions with this stuff. It was weird, I didn’t change my moisturizing routine at all, the only thing that was different was the conditioner.

IMG_4044I also noticed that my scalp was dried out and I had to wash my hair more often which is a major NO NO in the natural realm. After I started feeling a difference in my fro, I switched back to the Organix Coconut Curls and after two weeks of deep conditioning and using my normal moisturize routine my fro was back to what I consider normal.

thumbs-down-medium-dark-skin-toneSO! The verdict on this product is in and it’s a thumbs down for me! I will not be adding this to my list of favorite hair products. I believe that everyone should try things for themselves. Just because this product didn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean that it won’t give you desired results! As for me I’m switching back to me coconut miracle oil until another bottle that is beautifully packaged matched my eye!