The Verdict is in!

I used the Maui Moisture for about one month now. I noticed that my hair was dryer than usual after a few deep conditions with this stuff. It was weird, I didn’t change my moisturizing routine at all, the only thing that was different was the conditioner.

IMG_4044I also noticed that my scalp was dried out and I had to wash my hair more often which is a major NO NO in the natural realm. After I started feeling a difference in my fro, I switched back to the Organix Coconut Curls and after two weeks of deep conditioning and using my normal moisturize routine my fro was back to what I consider normal.

thumbs-down-medium-dark-skin-toneSO! The verdict on this product is in and it’s a thumbs down for me! I will not be adding this to my list of favorite hair products. I believe that everyone should try things for themselves. Just because this product didn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean that it won’t give you desired results! As for me I’m switching back to me coconut miracle oil until another bottle that is beautifully packaged matched my eye!


Nuthin But an Ultra Perm

I think all naturals go through the “product junkie” phase. Finding what works for your hair is a huge huge challenge! Shout out to all the naturals that ARE NOT GIVING UP on finding their go to products! I believe the key to big fro’s is sticking with the process!


Everyone thinks it’s a wig lol!

My journey however has been a little different. I consider myself a “Kitchen Natural.” I came up with the term Kitchen Natural because every washday or moisturize day, I find myself in the kitchen mixing oils, whipping shea butter, or boiling flax seed to make hair gel. I basically cook up my own hair regimens.

I decided against using store bought hair products a few years ago. The only thing that I buy from the store is my shampoo and conditioner. I had a really bad experience with hair products breaking out my hands when I would apply the products. The fragrances and preservatives were just too much for my sensitive skin. I also try to be mindful about what I put in my mind, body, and hair.

Right now my go to ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil,flax seed and of course you gotta have that Braggs apple cider vinegar. I buy all of my ingredients from the health food store, grocery store, and amazon.

I use the shea whipped with coconut oil for my twist outs and styling. I use this combination of olive and coconut oil for shine and moisture as well. I recently started


whipped shea =’s Everything Creme

using the flax seed gel in my daughters hair for her flat twists and up do’s. After a week of using the flax seed gel I noticed that her styles last a lot longer. I will definitely keep using the flax seed gel in her weekly regimen. For the past two months I have been doing an apple cider rinse on my fro. After a normal wash and deep condition I spray my hair down with part apple cider and part water and let it sit, then I rinse it out. My fro stays softer a lot longer and I don’t get as many fair knots after a good apple cider rinse.

I am not a natural hair guru, but I know what works for me, and I’m still learning and implementing new ingredients into my hair care routine. There are so many products and options for natural hair, and I wanted to share the more holistic approach to care and maintenance.  Even if you aren’t a full out hippie natural like myself, let me know what are some of the ingredients that you use in your hair care routine.

Side note: My natural hair routine always reminds me of this scene from Coming to America!




Book Review!!

IMG-4117I just finished Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. IT WAS UH-MAZING! For those of you who don’t know who Steve Jobs was, he is the one responsible for your iPhone, your iPads, MacBooks, and some of your favorite Disney Movies. Now, I could talk all day about this book but here are a few things that I took from the biography!

1. Create things with love. You should never create anything for profit, you should create for yourself in hopes that others will find your creation useful. There are a lot of companies and even people that do things to make money or enter relationships for self benefit. There is no reward in selfishness. Success in a company, product, or relationship relies on the ability to be genuine.

2. Don’t take no for an answer. Steve Jobs was very persistent when he wanted something. He wasn’t afraid to march up to the person he knew could give him what he wanted and if they said no he would keep at it. Many of the “yes’s” that Jobs received when he was young in his career was because he wouldn’t back down and people admired that aspect of him.

Steve Jobs Home, the garage where Apple Started

Where it all began!

3. Just start where you stand. Apple was started in Steve Job’s parent’s garage with his buddy. Today it is a technology power house. So many of us think that we need money, or influence, or material things before we can began to go after what it is that we want. Truth be told, some of the best things were started with absolutely no money, no fancy offices, and sometimes no resources.

4. What it means to be a good leader. Steve Jobs was really good at taking what he considered “B-Players” and making them “A-Players.” Many of Job’s employee’s said that he had this crazy way of making you believe that you could do anything even when you felt like it was impossible. A good leader brings out the best in all of a teams components.

5. Don’t be afraid to steal. Jobs was a visionary. Companies would roll out ideas that he thought were great, but the execution just was not there. Stealing something and making it better sounds horrible but I believe that is innovation at it’s finest. See where someone or a product has dropped the ball and execute what they tried to do better than the originator.

6. Don’t Play by the rules. Steve Job’s thought completely outside of the box. He coined


major throw back!

the term “Think Different.” To me that means, stretching your imagination as far as it can go.  Some ideas in the Apple think tank were so far out they had so say, “okay lets bring it back a little” but from those far out ideas came ground breaking tech.

7. Life is perfectly orchestrated, just go with the flow. When I finished Walter Isaacon’s novel, it hit me how perfect Steve Job’s life unfolded. Even when there were times he was homeless, felt abandoned and afraid, had disappointments, all those moments led to him becoming the CEO he needed to be for a company as world changing as Apple. Job’s had many low points in his career and personal life, but he always kept going because he had something to accomplish. I believe that if we all had a book written about our life and we went back and read it, we would see how perfect all of our lives end up.

I believe anyone that is in sales, marketing, or just wants to make a mark on the world should invest time into this book. You will not be sorry! If you have already read this book I would love to chop it up with you! Leave a comment or follow me on instagram @afrosandcondos.

If you would like more book recommendations check out my reading list blog!

Natural Hair Timeline

For a good portion of my life, I was on the creamy crack. I remember when I was in middle school, I saw this girl with puff balls and I was like “why won’t my hair do that?” It took me years to find out what was underneath my relaxed hair.

Making a life change is really hard. I remember when I was transitioning, I went through a lot of ridicule and people asking me “girl when you gone relax that new growth!” Even when I cut my hair I had mixed feed back. Most women loved it and admired me for taking that step, others tried to be mean. I got through it because I learned that no matter what anyone else’s opinion is of me, I felt good about my decision to go natural.
This week I wanted to share my natural hair timeline.
I hope this post keeps you encouraged. Everyone’s journey is different, so embrace yours! Enjoy these Instagram screen shots and follow me for more pictures! @afrosandcondos 
Elementary School:
My mom had been relaxing my hair since I was in pre-k. Yes, pre-k. Even she was shocked when she thought about relaxing my hair that young. She said she did it to make it easier to maintain.


High School:
I loved dressing weird and outrageous in high school. I tried some of everything in high school. I went emo, and did the jet black rinse. I did the good girl gone bad Rihanna hair cut (that was my favorite). I started experimenting with weaves my senior year. I would get partial sew ins. Those were cute!
Okay, college was when the damage began. I had a sew in my first 3-4 months of freshman year. When I took out the sew in my hair just was not the same for some reason. It was dry, and the texture just was not working for me

The infamous sew in.

Fun fact: I eloped with Mario to Florida when we got married. The humidity in Florida is very unforgiving on hair. Mario was the one that encouraged me to go natural. The summer of 2011 was when I did my big chop and I haven’t looked back!
TWA Phase:
This phase was awesome! I wish more women would appreciate the tiny fro phase because it is the most convenient style you can have being natural. All you have to do is wet it, throw some leave in or some type of curl cream and roll!
Medium Length Phase:
This is the phase that I found really hard. I just started to get bored with my hair. The length is really good but I didn’t really know what to do with it so…. I dyed it PURPLE! lol that lasted about 2 weeks, then I had blonde streaks which wasn’t so bad!
Big Ass Fro Phase:
So now I’m in this big ass fro phase and I’m not sure what to do with all of it. I’m thinking about looking into the Diva Cut just to give it some shape. I love how big it is! I must say the journey has been well worth it! I can’t wait to share more of my growth with you guys!

Product Review!!

IMG_8964I am currently deep conditioning with a new conditioner that I picked up at Walmart. Now, I don’t have a fool proof method for picking out new hair products, I honestly just roll with what ever has natural ingredients and dope packaging (this method works with wine as well). When I saw this bottle on the shelf I was super excited to try it out and obviously tell you guys about the IMG_9015results!!

So this brand is called Maui Moisture, again I purchased this conditioner in Walmart for $6.79. It was the same price as my OGX Coconut Curl Miracle Oil so I was like “you know what let’s switch it up a lil bit!” Maui Moisture has other “flavors” or conditioners and Shampoo’s but I picked up the Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Conditioner For Thick Curly Hair. I believe this bottle was speaking to me!


This will be week two that I have deep conditioned with this product. Honestly I don’t think that I will be switching out my OGX Coconut Curl Miracle Oil for this brand. The smell was nice, but it didn’t give my hair that much slip when I ran the conditioner into each of the four sections of my hair. My hair did feel soft and hydrated after a warm rinse, but I believe my fro is softer when I use the Coconut Curl Miracle Oil. I did my first twist out after deep conditioning and my hair was nice and fluffy!

I do recommend that you try this brand out because everyone’s hair is different! Maui Moisture is something that I would recommend simply because they don’t put a lot of chemicals into their products. The last thing we want to be putting in our fro’s is a bunch of stuff we cannot pronounce!



Washday Playlist Vol. 1!

Every true natural knows that washday is very time consuming! From sectioning off your hair, then detangling each section, ugh it takes forever! Washday has a tendency to feel like a chore to me, so I love to listen to music while I get to work on my fro!

A little fun fact about me is that I love music. No matter what the occasion, I always have a popping playlist to set the mood and keep the party going. I listen to all sorts of Genres but I wanted this Volume of songs to have a neo-soul vibe. There’s nothing wrong with a little washday turn-up! I hope this takes the drab out of washday, and if you have any special requests comment below!

  1. Call Waiting – Whiz Khalifa
  2. Got it Good – KAYTRANADA feat. Craig DavidIMG_9004
  3. The City – Anderson Pak
  4. Put Me Thru – Anderson Pak
  5. Poke – Childish Gambino
  6. Suede – NxWorries
  7. Turnin’ Me Up – BJ the Chicago Kid
  8. Poetic Justice – Kendrick Lamar feat Drake
  9. These Walls – Kendrick Lamar feat Bilal
  10. Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
  11. Maybe – N.E.R.D
  12. Devil In a New Dress – Kanye West feat Rick Ross
  13. Good Life – T-pain feat. Kanye West
  14. Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley and The Wailers
  15. Play No Games – Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown
  16. No Stress – Iman Omari
  17. On The Way – TWENTY88
  18. Ms. Fat. Booty – Mos Def
  19. Bad Blood – NAO (my personal favorite song to sing in the shower!)
  20. Soul Sista – Bilal
  21. Dark Skin Women – Gold Link
  22. Sumthin’ Sumthin’ – Maxwell
  23. Frank Ocean – Ivy
  24. Don’t Touch My Hair – Solange
  25. Drew Barrymore – Sza
  26. Open Up – Omarion
  27. Crew – GoldLink
  28. Sativa – Jhené Aiko
  29. Word of Wonders – Buddy
  30. After The Storm – Kali Uchis feat Tyler the Creator and Boosie Collins


Link to Apple Music Playlist:

Loc’s and Fro’s Lord Knows!

This week I want to talk about how I maintain a household full of natural hair. I can only see my hair schedule getting more hectic as our little one get’s older. I’m still in the trial and error phase but I love for my family to look nice! I believe if your hair is tight and right you will have the confidence to conquer the world!

Every two weeks I twist up Mario’s hair to tighten it up. He has been growing his loc’s for about 12 years now. I love how full his hair is! Lately we have been working on making his loc’s a little bigger, trying to get a cross between a corporate Bob Marley (if that’s even a thing). To make some of his thinner loc’s bigger I just put two neighboring loc’s together and twist them at the root, then I wrap the loc’s together all the way to the tip of the loc’s. His hair loc’s up really fast!


Mario’s hair is really thick so we use Murry’s Bee’s Wax to give him the kind of hold he needs. I also twist his loc’s after a fresh wash which makes it easier to grip the new growth. Murry’s is


the essentials!

really thick! Now, I have seen some people with loc’s saying it doesn’t work for them. I think that whether you are natural or have loc’s it is important to seek out what works for you.

Now, Mackenzie’s hair is something different. I haven’t quite figured out how to maintain her hair texture. It likes to loc up on it’s own. The regimen that I’m using on her hair is:

  1. Condition with the OGX Coconut Miracle Oil
  2. Detangle using my homemade mixture of coconut oil and olive oil. I found that this give her coils some slip to help ease the detangling process.
  3. I style using my curly butter

I’m strongly considering letting her get some loc’s because that just seems like what her hair naturally wants to do. When I have a successful twist out on her hair, her afro is beautiful! I’ll have to keep you guys posted on what Mack chooses!

I am thankful that my little baby isn’t in the stages of getting her hair done just yet. Maintaining everyone else’s hair during the week while trying to be have a fierce fro of my own is difficult. My hair mostly ends up in a pineapple by the middle of the week because I’m too tired to do my own hair. I’ve also invested in head wraps to hide the unkept mess sometimes. I keep telling myself that self care is important, buuuut I haven’t quite mastered fitting “me time” into my schedule just yet. Again, this is something I will blog about when I figure it out! I want so badly to be one of those youtube naturals that seems to have it together all the time. You know, those girls that are total #frogoals and you can’t help but go “yaaaassss” when they show off the results of a perfect wash n’ go (still haven’t mastered the wash n’ go yet)! My husband reminded me that I have been natural for 7 years. I’m ready to try some new things with my hair, and what better way to share with you guys than through this blog!