New Protective Styles!

Doing Mackenzie’s hair is always a challenge. She complains and procrastinates every time it’s her wash day! It’s funny because every time I finish doing her hair for the week she is alway excited about her new do!

Last week I decided to step it up a bit and try to challenge myself to do more interesting styles. Mack and I looked on instagram for inspiration and we came up with a pretty cool style:

Mack said this is her favorite hair style that we have collaborated on so far! I would have to agree! Mommy did that!!! haha!

Mack’s style also inspired me to try something different with my hair as well. I kept it simply with two flat twist in the front and two afro puffs in the back. The two hair charms in the front are a few pieces of loc jewelry that I made.


I am usually a one style kind of girl, I don’t like to think about my hair too much I just enjoy taking care of it! I may challenge myself to try a new protective style everyday for 21 days just to see what I can come up with! What are some of your favorite protective styles? I would love to try some of them out!


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