Good Hair vs. Bad Hair

The great texture debate has been plaguing the black community forever. Every time I hear “I hope my baby has that good hair” or “I got bad hair that’s why I wear a weave” ugh it makes me CRINGE! I can’t believe some of things people are still saying in 2018!

A public service announcement for everyone…ALL HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL! My husband and I had a conversation about how people talked bad about his hair texture as a kid because it was so kinky. Our daughter has inherited the same hair that he has, and I think it’s amazing! Their curls are so tiny and their hair loves the sun! They both have these bits of gold and blond in their hair, it’s beautiful!

Loving your hair is a long process. I think the natural hair “movement” (because let’s face it, being natural is a lifestyle) does put women with a certain curl type in the fore front, making women with the kinkier textures feel insecure out their own crown.  I have come to learn, that every industry has to set a standard, whether it is for beauty, size, career, salary etc. because it helps them make money. If we tell you what is beautiful and that’s not even realistic, you will constantly spend your money to live up to those standards.


I’m almost positive that’s a wig…almost!

The good hair bad hair thing, is a big reason why I created my hair product, was to give some unity for women and to inspire them to love their own curl patterns. And


I have 4a in the front, 3c in the back, and 4b throughout

ladies PAHLEESE, don’t get caught up in these curl pattern charts, I swear I have like 3 different textures in my fro alone (and I started a loc)! All hair is beautiful, it is about how you care for it and how much self confidence you have.

Do you find yourself feeling a little self conscious over beauty vloggers and natural hair ads? If so what do you do to combat those feelings? No worries, I’ve definitely been there too!


3 thoughts on “Good Hair vs. Bad Hair

  1. What a great post! It’s unfortunate that in 2018 I still have to remind people that healthy hair is GOOD HAIR. When I begin to feel self-conscious about my hair I remind myself how beautiful my natural hair is. My natural hair journey is a journey of self-discovery, awareness and positivity. I constantly remind myself that I am my greatest critic and I try not to be so harsh on myself. You should check out my post about everything that my natural hair journey has taught me about “Self-Love”


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