#Issa Photo Shoot!

I took a little break from blogging because Mario and I decided to give our real estate business a new energy by rebranding it! I am very happy with how the photos came out. Emily did our head shots, (we collaborated on my product pictures as well). I am very happy with the direction our business is heading in, we just need to be more productive on the selling front.

Sometimes in real estate, things don’t unfold the way you hoped they would. You can go from having 5 really good clients to 0 over night. But I am always pulling the positives from every lesson life is teaching me. Those 5 people are just clearing the way for 10 more that are ready to change their lives! I love helping people on their home buying journey so much, I almost get a little depressed when I’m not working with anyone! I am grateful that I love what I do that much!

So with all the down time we have had, I had been reading marketing books and really putting together a strategy for our social media pages. If we get the kind of traction that I am hoping for, I will empower others to do the same with their small businesses. I already have a name in mind for our marketing and branding company! Any who, here are a few pictures from the shoot! They were taken all over the Neon District located in downtown Norfolk, it is such a cool vibe over there! What are some of the best places that you have taken pictures? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always looking for cool places to shoot content!


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