Your Wash Day takes HOW LONG!?

31165962_2065377860145265_5915354836399816704_nI keep seeing this meme floating around with sponge bob in regard to washday! Wash day can be insane! I use to be in the shower detangling for so long that the water would be FREEZING and I would always have a “mini-cold,” I have managed to cut my washday down substantially just by doing some small adjustments to my weekly routine!

The biggest adjustment I made was keeping my hair stretched all the time. My go to hair style is a twist out but I do like to wear my hair up into a high poof! I noticed the weeks that I wore my hair in that high poof all the time wash day was TORCHER! Wearing your hair stretched helps cut down on those horrible fairy knots!!

DISCLAIMER! A lot of naturals may come for me but this is what works for me! I only detangle my hair once a month with a comb. Yuhp, once a month! Detangling every


“Palm Puff”

week was pulling out so much of my hair. When that little “palm puff” of hair is huge after a detangling session, you can bet that you broke off some of your curls during the process. When I co wash, I rake my fingers through my wet hair to work the conditioner into my curls until they are fully coated. I have been able to cut down the size of my “palm puff” substantially! I even feel my fro has been more full!

Drying!! In the beginning stages of being natural I used a towel to dry my hair. No. Don’t do that y’all! Towels cause more of those wretched fairy knots! I use a t-shirt or one of my infants baby blankets. You want a soft absorbent material to dry your hair after a wash. Now, I know a lot of ladies use a defuser which is awesome (I’ve never used one). I prefer to let my hair air dry until it’s still a little damp before I twist it up. I haven’t used heat on my hair in like 5 years, I’m not even sure if I know how to use a blow dryer or flat iron anymore! The air drying portion of my wash day is actually where the bulk of my time goes.

Lastly, I dust my ends every time I twist my hair for a twist out. For those that don’t know, dusting your ends means that you trim the uneven ends of your fro. When I clip my stray ends, detangling is a lot faster and my hair retains moisture even better.

Remember the more care you give your hair through out the week the easier wash day will become and the more time you will save. I hope this helps you guys make wash day less of a struggle. But just like life, washday is what you make it! I consider wash day, my me time! I play music, and I just love on my hair! Self care is so important in a healthy balanced life!



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