The Verdict is in!

I used the Maui Moisture for about one month now. I noticed that my hair was dryer than usual after a few deep conditions with this stuff. It was weird, I didn’t change my moisturizing routine at all, the only thing that was different was the conditioner.

IMG_4044I also noticed that my scalp was dried out and I had to wash my hair more often which is a major NO NO in the natural realm. After I started feeling a difference in my fro, I switched back to the Organix Coconut Curls and after two weeks of deep conditioning and using my normal moisturize routine my fro was back to what I consider normal.

thumbs-down-medium-dark-skin-toneSO! The verdict on this product is in and it’s a thumbs down for me! I will not be adding this to my list of favorite hair products. I believe that everyone should try things for themselves. Just because this product didn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean that it won’t give you desired results! As for me I’m switching back to me coconut miracle oil until another bottle that is beautifully packaged matched my eye!


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