Life is too short…to wear a weave.

STORY TIME!!! Every since I was a little girl I have always wanted big hair. Like my lot in life, was to have this massive mane, so big that I would have to sit in the back of the classroom. I don’t experiment with my hair a lot, mostly because I’m super low maintenance. At times I wish I was an A.K.A type of girl, always well kept with the cleanest french manicure. I accepted early in life that just wasn’t my style! Here is the story that lead to that epiphany.

The summer of ’10 was a big summer for me. I graduated high school, I was starting college and I met the love of my life. Things were really changing and I felt that I should try a new hair do to commemorate these changes! I had my mom give me a partial sew in. So most of the length was in the back of my hair while I kept my relaxed hair out on the top, front, and sides. I loved it! It looked like it was my hair! You couldn’t tell me nothing the way I was flipping those inches over my shoulder!

Anyways, I keep the partial sew in most of the summer, taking it out and letting my hair breath, then I got a fresh one before I went to college. I love to swim. The summer of ’10 wasn’t filled with too much water activity which is why my hair never posed a problem until my birthday.

My lovely husband, took me to Myrtle beach for a fabulous birthday get away! It was perfect. I am a Virgo, so I am obsessed with the ocean. My beau and I sat on the beach and watched the waves. He said “babe you have been talking about the beach all summer, go swim!” I had to explain to him that I couldn’t afford to get my weave wet. That would ruin all the cute birthday outfits I had planned for our little get away.  When I said that, this white couple sitting behind us said “WHAT?! you can’t swim cause you have a weave!? I thought that was your hair!?” (Yuhp, one of those moments.) It then hit me how silly it was that we came all the way to the beach and I didn’t swim in the ocean because of my hair.


It wasn’t just the weave. I realize now that when I had a relaxer, things like getting caught in the rain, or not getting in the pool because I didn’t want to ruin my silk wrap that week wasn’t worth the sacrifice. I never realized how much hair held me back from certain experiences. After I did my big chop, I felt liberated. I could swim when I wanted, I could enjoy getting stuck in the rain, I could ride with the sunroof and the windows down, I just felt free. I love getting my hair wet and seeing the pretty curl pattern come through, or the fact that I can rock my black power fro, and still be beautiful after getting stuck in the rain, or how my fro feels when it’s blowing in the wind.

My big chop liberated me, and took me on an amazing journey. I love my hair so much that I don’t wear sew ins or wigs anymore. It is just a personal preference! I miss my hair when it is braided up!

What is the most liberating thing that you have done? Maybe it was a change in style, a job, or ending a relationship or taking that dream vacation. I would love to hear your stories! Comment down below!


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