Rewriting My Programming

I watched an interview with Bruce Lipton. He’s a biologist and he speaks a lot about genetics and the subconscious mind. Any who, he said something that really stuck with me, our first 7 years of our life we are in theta state meaning hypnosis. We are literally just absorbing all the things that we see around us from our parents, and our families. Then, we spend the majority of out lives, playing out that programming. In fact, that is how he believes that the rich get rich and the poor stay poor. It’s simply a matter of programming, and living out what you have been surrounded by.

The programming in my life was I had two parents, they were “perfect”, we were a “perfect” family, we had a house, we had nice things, and that’s what I believed that I should be striving for because that’s all I knew. I watched my mom be a working mom then a house wife when my siblings came along. I learned how to assume the role of “wife” by watching her. I got married at 18. Now, I’m starting to believe that I made that decision based off my programming. LUCKILY I have an amazing husband and I didn’t marry a shmuck!

So the past two years for me has been a process of rewriting programing from my childhood. I realized that even though my parents seemed to have everything, they were not financially literate because they didn’t use their money correctly. I assumed the same money habits, consuming things to try to make myself look and feel good. In order to rewrite that program I have been reading books on finance, watching how wealthy people spend their money, and embarking on this entrepreneurship journey. The universe has placed great examples of wealthy people in my life. I’m learning SO MUCH!

Another program that I have been working on rewriting is what I consider beautiful and how I feel about myself. I’m 26 years old and for about 23 of those years my subconscious was on a diet of hard core hip hop, reality t.v, and gossip t.v. My hobbies included E! network and cuticle care (Mean Girls reference haha!). I decided to experiment on myself and completely clean up my media diet. For the past two years instead of watching Love and Hip Hop or talk shows, I started reading, writing, and listening to lectures. It has helped me tremendously. I don’t feel like I have weight on me. I feel more patient, and I just feel a lot different. In fact, my husband and I don’t even argue anymore since I’ve stopped watching reality television sooo…maybe there’s something there!

A key thing to remember is that our brains are computers. And what ever we download into it plays out in our everyday life. When we were kids, we didn’t have much of a choice on what is being played out in front of us, but as adults we can make changes to our script by simply being more conscious of what we put into our minds, and realizing that we are free to create what ever life we want for ourselves.

Photo by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash


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