Chapter 5: Spiritual Cocktail

So I went through several phases of this journey, from being a christian to being a black conscious KWEEN to being a flat out hippie. What has all these phases taught me? What conclusion have I drawn at this point of my spiritual journey? Well, I have developed a conglomerate of all the things that I have learned and I developed my own little system or Spiritual Cocktail if you will.

I love how devoted good christians and buddhist are. They are consistent with their beliefs practices and that is something that I try to practice in my everyday life. Whether it’s blogging or doing something towards my real estate business everyday. Consistency is key so that you can see the fruits of your labor grow. I also still practice yoga. I find it very therapeutic and it’s great for your health!

Something I learned from the conscious community was that black is beautiful. I learned how to appreciate my roots and embrace my history. That made me stronger. I have also added rituals to my week to week self care routine. I have incorporated old African healing methods into my life. I use sage to cleanse myself and my home, and I’m learning how to use herbs and essential oils for health and wellness.

Self Help taught me that we are all connected and that the we are apart of the whole picture. It taught me that it’s okay to say no to negative thoughts and negative people and that there is a solution to EVERY PROBLEM. The universe is like one big computer, constantly calculating how it can give you everything that you have asked for. So no matter what it is that you have asked for, the universe will work to give it to you.

Astrology taught me to check myself. There are vibrations fluctuating and changing all the time. I had to learn to use those energies and to not let those energies use me. Retrogrades suck but you don’t have to focus on the negative energy. You just have to shift your focus just like all the planets and stars are constantly shifting. I guess you can say that Astrology taught me to be more flexible.

I’m 5 years into my spiritual journey and I feel pretty settled and happy with my practices. I believe that you have to take all the lessons that life has given you, to create your own system of belief. Religion is not one size fits all, you can have different beliefs than your family and the world will not come crashing down. I live by this one fact, we only have one life to live, I cannot live my life for anyone but me!

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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