Not Today SATAN!

Instant gratification is a MUTHA ****! I believe it is the reason why most of us fail at starting that business, dieting, and even mess up really good romantic relationships.

Instant gratification is when you do something because you want to feel that good feeling right now and you end up feeling like crap after you made that decision or did that action. An example that I can really relate to is shopping! I loooove me some retail therapy! I go into the store and I buy stuff for the kids, or stuff for the house, or maybe a couple outfits for myself. Then I get home and I look at my bank account and those feelings of buyers remorse start settling in and that high that I had while I was in the store making the purchase is completely gone!

We are trained since we were kids to satisfy ourselves instantly. We wonder why we don’t feel complete after we buy those shoes, or feel like crap when we quit another diet. We all tend to search for a quick and easy solution to make ourselves feel good but when we give into instant gratification, we only end up with nothing in the end.

What struck my interest in instant gratification was a trip down that YouTube self help rabbit hole. Mario and I came across all these youtubers talking about the “No FAP Challenge.” If you don’t know what it is, look it up (I try to keep it pg-13 on this blog family). Basically these people had been denying themselves this certain “pleasure” and it actually ended up changing their lives in many areas.

When we deny ourselves instant gratification we begin to practice self discipline (something I am constantly working on). Self discipline is key when trying to see anything through. We often loose sight of our goals because we want something that could make us feel good right now. So denying ourselves the pleasure of right now can have tremendous rewards in the future. Yes that chocolate lava cake looks sooo tempting but if I want to fit in that dress by a certain time I probably shouldn’t indulge right now!

My personal struggle with instant gratification was with food. Wanting to eat all that delicious greasy food right now and not waiting for Saturday when I told myself that was cheat day! For the past few months I have been practicing intermittent fasting. Not eating during certain times and sticking to the promise that I made to myself. In just three months of not letting instant gratification win, I not only lost weight but I have been more disciplined in my entrepreneurial pursuits, and I have been more efficient in running our household. I have started to become addicted to the results that fasting was giving me, I decided to apply that discipline to other areas of my life as well.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Do you believe denying yourself simple pleasures right now could benefit you more in the future? I would love to read your replies in the comments section!


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