Karma is not a B*tch Part 2

If you are just jumping into this series, you may want to read part 1 to get a better overall understanding of what Karma is. This week I wanted to focus on how Karma effects our relationships with other people in our lives.

A lot of the relationships that we find ourselves in are Karmic relationships. These relationships are meant to teach us lessons and we often seem to find ourselves in the same kind of relationships because we don’t make the best decisions in those situations. Remember Karma is what ever you put out coming back to you. So if you find yourself in these same type of relationships over and over then there is some self evaluating that needs to happen.

Now I know what some people are saying “well how can that be, I never asked for this!” No one asks to be in a loveless, abusive or just plain complicated relationship. But often times the way we treat ourselves on the inside reflects in our day to day lives. If we are always putting ourselves down, thinking negative thoughts and feeling hopeless, how can we expect to find those things in our relationships with other people? When we treat ourselves bad, and put ourselves last, the universe will bring those types of people in our lives that treat us the same way because that is what we are putting out. So as Karma would have it, if we plant seeds of love and happiness within ourselves first, then loving people will begin to come into our lives.

It’s hard but it all starts with making a decision right where you stand. Choosing yourself and choosing to love yourself and put yourself first will set forth a series of events that align you with that love and happiness that you want to receive in your life. Once we begin to love ourselves and we begin to really feel that good feeling, we will begin to recognize those relationship patterns that we don’t want, and we’ll have the strength to dead those relationships ASAP! Don’t let anyone fool you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself first!

Self love takes practice. I often find myself putting self care on the back burner or being overly critical of myself when I do or don’t do something. But I forgive myself and I move forward.

What kind of things do you do to care for yourself? At what point did you begin to fall in love with the person you are!? I love hearing your personal stories so share them in the comments below!


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