Karma is not a B*tch pt. 1

Recently I learned what Karma truly is. Lately I have been going back and asking for forgiveness and forgiving myself and planting seeds of love, kindness, and giving. I want to share my experience with Karma with you guys and I wanted to shed a different light on Karma and the choices we make everyday. Now I had to break this one into two posts because I wanted to keep it short, but next week I will touch more on how  Karma affects our relationships with other people.

I know you have probably heard the saying, what goes around comes around. That saying is so true! Karma is what ever you put out into the world coming right back to you. We have years and years, and lifetimes and lifetimes of Karma on all of us. Some of us are paying for things that we did in past lives (if you believe in that sorta thing) and we have been blessed with another opportunity to make it right.

Karma isn’t just the bad stuff you do coming back to get you, it is also the good stuff you do as well. The best example I can give is having a garden. If you plant seeds, water your plants, nurture and have patience with them the return for your hard work are fruits and vegetables that can nourish your body. Even though for days you may not see anything sprout, you just cared enough to work and believe that your harvest is coming. But lets say you plant seeds and you sometimes care for it, you get too occupied with other things, and you don’t keep your word to tend to your garden. Nothing will be yielded from your harvest and boom, now you are hungry! But even if you slacked off, nature gives you another season to try it again, to plant, nurture and to reap a harvest!

That’s Karma in a nutshell, what you do now will come back to you in the future and even if you missed an opportunity to get it right, that situation will loop around again because the universe is giving you a chance to do something differently. You can also call it the Law of attraction if you really think about it. If you put out love, positivity, blessings, and happiness, that is what you will get in return. And if you put out dishonesty, hate, etc….well, you get the point! I know that sowing is hard because it also requires patience (more patience at times than others) but that is how life works, because it is necessary for us to learn, grow, and expand ourselves in order to reach new levels in life.

What are some of your experiences with Karma? What types of things have you been told about Karma? I would love to read your answers in the comment section below!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


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