The Youtube journey begins!

I posted my first video yesterday and I’m pretty excited! Afros and Condos blog will now offer videos and tutorials! This is a big deal for me. I have decided to just put myself out there and to not have any expectations from it. Honestly I love natural hair, I love talking about it, I love maintaining it, I love seeing other women that are natural. I believe that my passion for it will show and I believe that others will appreciate that.

The quality isn’t where I want it to be just yet. I recorded my first video on my ’12 MacBook and I tried to get as much natural light in there as possible! But again, I’m just starting with what I have and giving it all I got! I look forward to doing more videos and watching the quality grow! Do you guys have you channels, if so what was your biggest fear about starting, what pushed you to just start? I would love to read more about your journeys!

P.S. Tips on working youtube are greatly appreciated! Please deposit them in the comment section!!


4 thoughts on “The Youtube journey begins!

  1. I was waiting to get everything in place, ring light, camera, tripod stand, quality phone, cash for supplies n travel until a successful vlogger from here (Kenya)told me time waits for no man. Start with what you have and take it from there.. And that’s exactly what I did. I fail on consistency because of lack of cash but I’m happy I did. I love being referred to as a vlogger. It’s a different status. You will love it too


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