Chapter 4: Devil Worship

I’ve always been into really weird stuff. Like for me, the weirder the better. In fact it’s in my natal chart (astrology) that I would have a fascination with the occult but it’s not good for me to go too deep into it or I’ll become obsessive (and I got a little obsessed in college smh). I think that I’ve always been into stuff like the occult and secret societies because that was a part of me trying to understand that there is so much about life, that I don’t know. So many things that were hidden from me because it was dubbed “DEVIL WORSHIP” by christians.

Now, it’s kinda weird, I wouldn’t say that I sought out metaphysics, astrology and self help, it kind of just found me honestly. I was on youtube one day watching this series called spirit science. It was strange because the videos were resonating with me, like I felt it in my gut. I started learning about how everything was connected on this earth. I learned that we are not these bodies but we are the spirit that lives within, and we are just here to have a human experience, no matter what that is. It all clicked, like it was something I knew but I completely forgot.

Now I know what you are probably saying, “Chenea you sound like a hippie.” You are right! It’s weird because I can relate to hippies now on a soul level. Like I completely get their lifestyle, and it’s something that just calls you really. Taking a spiritual journey like this is bound to turn you into SOME variation of hippie!

Again, I never had a transcendent experience or caught the holy ghost, but practicing mindfulness and taking things slowly and being in the present, I can really feel God’s presence and I can really connect with my inner self. It feels really, really good. Like if you’ve ever been high, that’s how I feel most of the time. I said “most of the time” because I am human and I slip into dark places sometimes, but what my spiritual journey has taught me is that I don’t have to remain there, I can alway pull myself out by practicing gratitude.

One thing that this part of my journey has taught me is to not let anyone else’s superstitions stop your pursuit of your destiny. People will tell you that something isn’t “acceptable” or start bringing the “devil” up because of their own fears and insecurities. You cannot live in anyone else’s box.¬†Superstitions come from a place of fear and lack, and the world is full of love and abundance…if you choose to see it that way!

Photo by J A N U P R A S A D on Unsplash



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