Chapter 3: OM SHANTI

Music is a very important part of my life. I love all sorts of music and I love to sing. I feel like every once in a while there’s an artist that really speaks to a generation. For me that artist is Jhené Aiko. Her album “Sold Out” absolutely changed my life. I was digging into her lyrics one day, and I started googling things she was talking about cause for some reason her music really resonated with me.

In fact, in chapter 1 I said I never had a transcendent experience in church, but I did have my first experience with something overwhelming, like pure love, that brought me to tears. And I had that moment during a Jhené Aiko set at a festival. lol There may have been OTHER factors that made me emotional, maybe it was the rain, or the way the sun was setting or her soothing soft voice, I don’t know but that day…I had a supernatural experience!

OKAY so, Buddhism! Buddhism is awesome. That was when I started learning about chakra’s and karma, and their stories of creation and the after life are so amazing. I loved learning about buddhism because it was refreshing. The religion as a whole talks about more than the christianity does too. I feel like buddhism answered a lot more of the questions that I had about life.

Once I discovered Buddhism, I was started to feel a lot better about life. There was still some things that didn’t sit well with me. Like, believe it or not, Buddhism is not kind towards women either. In fact just recently the first female monk was allowed to practice in the monastery with the other male monks. Again I cannot be apart of something that treats women as if they are last and not important or puts limits on what women can do.

Now, around the time I started to come down off my Buddhism trip, I got my real estate license. I realized what kind of line of work it was, so I needed to figure out how to be the type of person that sold real estate, self motivated, confident, etc. This led me into that wonderfully wonderful world of self help!




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