Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

I KNOW EVERYTHING! No I don’t, but boy do I wish I did know everything! I am very stubborn and I didn’t like it when people tried to tell me what to do or how to do something. Like it’s so bad that I don’t even use directions when I put something together.

That was until I found real estate. When I got my license I was shook at how many older people there were. I think there was one other girl that was my age. Of course being the jerk that I was, I was like “I can do this myself, my way, people will just come to me and I will sell houses, it’s nothing I don’t need to do this work, it’s for old people,” so on and so forth! I thought I had it under control until I got kicked out my first firm for not being productive. Yuhp, they kicked me out, and I pay for my dues and such out of my own pocket, it cost them nothing to have me there. That’s pretty bad.

I took a break from real estate, and I was really pissed. Like how dare they! Kick me out? What Ever! But I had a moment. I looked at my situation at home, my husband hated his job, we needed a bigger place, we just needed to make some changes. I had the ability to make those changes with real estate. So I made the decision when I went to hunt for another firm that I was going to learn, and do what the winners do. My mentor at the time had great success her first year, and she’s really good! I wanted to have her results, so I took all her mentoring to heart. I completely DEADED my own ego, and surrendered to soaking up all there was to learn about how a successful person sells real estate. It’s the best thing I could have done for myself.

I think that we don’t want to take the advice of others that are successful and we put up this wall like “I don’t need your help” because of fear. Fear of learning something new, fear of being wrong, fear of the possibilities, and fear of change. When you are diving into, starting a business, starting a new hobby, or even a new trade, it is important to seek out the most successful people in your field and emulate their success. At the same time you can put your own flavor on what ever they do, but it’s that simple. Their numbers don’t lie, obviously they are doing something right, and you need to learn what ever they are doing in order to be successful at your thing.

Every since I let down my guards and became coachable, I have been obsessed with learning more and more and more about real estate, blogging, business, finance, etc. Learning makes you very valuable because you have the KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge allows you to be confident, and it makes you kick ass at what you do. Always seek out knowledge, and find yourself a good mentor if possible! There is nothing more freeing than realizing you know nothing at all. ALWAYS BE LEARNING!


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