Your Story…

So if you follow my blog you may have noticed that I fell off the natural hair blogging. I found it so boring to write about honestly. I also felt like as women we are really hard to satisfy sometimes. We seem to seek outside of ourselves for validation that we are beautiful and we often fall prey to what other people tell us is beautiful. I don’t believe that we need to buy all these certain products and gadgets just so we can look like an instagram model that looks hella crazy in real life.

Natural hair is a personal thing. It’s impossible for people to suggest a product or regimen to another person and know for sure that it will work for them. We also all have different goals. For example, I’m not ashamed of my shrinkage, I don’t really care if my edges are laid, and I make my own products. I understand that for other women making their own products just isn’t something they can fit into their schedule or something they  just don’t have a desire to do! (If you like handmade products, check out my etsy store here!) I know that the way I wear my hair may not be the same for other girls, but something that applies to all of us is self love.

When we go natural, it is important to block out all the social media noise and really focus on you. Look yourself in the mirror and say “okay, I’m going to figure out what works for me!” It’s good to educate yourself on the ingredients that are in products and how they affect your health. But you make the decision for your hair based off what look you are trying to achieve. It’s all about you!

There are no short cuts when it comes to embarking on a journey. This can apply to any journey you take in life. You go through ups and downs, you will fail and you will succeed, you will always learn and others will enrich your life by sharing their journey’s as well. I hope to share my journey with you, and not make you feel inadequate. Your natural hair journey is about you and your personal growth. Growing to love and appreciate yourself will change your life completely.

So I wanted to talk about issues that we all deal with instead of natural hair. I mean what good is a popping fro if we are miserable in inside. I love a good fro day, but my happiness and mental health is more important.



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