Crying on Taco Night.

Today was one of those days where I found myself crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of making tacos. Not my finest moment BUT I agreed that when I started this blog that I would share my failures, so here it is.

Real Estate has been EHH. I have been putting a lot of energy into it and staying optimistic. I had built this great roster of clients that would have me going for months but one day they just all decided they didn’t want to buy anymore. So back to the grind I went calling, calling, emailing and emailing. Still no business. It sucked.

My frustration hit a peak today. NOTHING WAS WORKING OUT! Absolutely nothing. Every plan that I put together always seemed just to blow up in my face. I mean these missiles are always some uncalculated straight outta no where kinda bomb headed straight for me. The funny part about these moments is that they always happen around my birthday. IT NEVER FAILS!

The funny part about these low points, I seem to visit like clockwork every year is that, I never give up. Even today, I didn’t want to make my phone calls cause I was emotional and I needed a moment but I did it anyways. I understand that no matter how low I feel, no matter how much I want to give up, I’m way to stubborn to just let up on my dreams. Because honestly if I’m not going after what I want in life, what else is there to do? But I do cry, and I do talk junk, but I never give up.

So right now I’m stumped. I usually have all these back up plans and I’m really good at finessing situations but this one, I have absolutely nothing right now. So, I guess the universe just wants me to sit back and hold on cause what ever is going to happen is going to happen. All I know is I have done my very best, I worked my ass off and I planted so many good seeds. So…we’ll just have to see how this all plays out.

Side note: By the time this posts, everything will be sorted out. I know it will be. I don’t know what it will look like, but I know every problem I face has a solution.


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