Nuthin But an Ultra Perm

I think all naturals go through the “product junkie” phase. Finding what works for your hair is a huge huge challenge! Shout out to all the naturals that ARE NOT GIVING UP on finding their go to products! I believe the key to big fro’s is sticking with the process!


Everyone thinks it’s a wig lol!

My journey however has been a little different. I consider myself a “Kitchen Natural.” I came up with the term Kitchen Natural because every washday or moisturize day, I find myself in the kitchen mixing oils, whipping shea butter, or boiling flax seed to make hair gel. I basically cook up my own hair regimens.

I decided against using store bought hair products a few years ago. The only thing that I buy from the store is my shampoo and conditioner. I had a really bad experience with hair products breaking out my hands when I would apply the products. The fragrances and preservatives were just too much for my sensitive skin. I also try to be mindful about what I put in my mind, body, and hair.

Right now my go to ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil,flax seed and of course you gotta have that Braggs apple cider vinegar. I buy all of my ingredients from the health food store, grocery store, and amazon.

I use the shea whipped with coconut oil for my twist outs and styling. I use this combination of olive and coconut oil for shine and moisture as well. I recently started


whipped shea =’s Everything Creme

using the flax seed gel in my daughters hair for her flat twists and up do’s. After a week of using the flax seed gel I noticed that her styles last a lot longer. I will definitely keep using the flax seed gel in her weekly regimen. For the past two months I have been doing an apple cider rinse on my fro. After a normal wash and deep condition I spray my hair down with part apple cider and part water and let it sit, then I rinse it out. My fro stays softer a lot longer and I don’t get as many fair knots after a good apple cider rinse.

I am not a natural hair guru, but I know what works for me, and I’m still learning and implementing new ingredients into my hair care routine. There are so many products and options for natural hair, and I wanted to share the more holistic approach to care and maintenance.  Even if you aren’t a full out hippie natural like myself, let me know what are some of the ingredients that you use in your hair care routine.

Side note: My natural hair routine always reminds me of this scene from Coming to America!





3 thoughts on “Nuthin But an Ultra Perm

  1. I’m new to the natural hair journey. I’m not a product junky either. I have a rule: I buy one product and use it up before I buy another. Being natural is stressful, and I hate stressing about my hair. Thanks for your post.

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