Book Review!!

IMG-4117I just finished Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. IT WAS UH-MAZING! For those of you who don’t know who Steve Jobs was, he is the one responsible for your iPhone, your iPads, MacBooks, and some of your favorite Disney Movies. Now, I could talk all day about this book but here are a few things that I took from the biography!

1. Create things with love. You should never create anything for profit, you should create for yourself in hopes that others will find your creation useful. There are a lot of companies and even people that do things to make money or enter relationships for self benefit. There is no reward in selfishness. Success in a company, product, or relationship relies on the ability to be genuine.

2. Don’t take no for an answer. Steve Jobs was very persistent when he wanted something. He wasn’t afraid to march up to the person he knew could give him what he wanted and if they said no he would keep at it. Many of the “yes’s” that Jobs received when he was young in his career was because he wouldn’t back down and people admired that aspect of him.

Steve Jobs Home, the garage where Apple Started

Where it all began!

3. Just start where you stand. Apple was started in Steve Job’s parent’s garage with his buddy. Today it is a technology power house. So many of us think that we need money, or influence, or material things before we can began to go after what it is that we want. Truth be told, some of the best things were started with absolutely no money, no fancy offices, and sometimes no resources.

4. What it means to be a good leader. Steve Jobs was really good at taking what he considered “B-Players” and making them “A-Players.” Many of Job’s employee’s said that he had this crazy way of making you believe that you could do anything even when you felt like it was impossible. A good leader brings out the best in all of a teams components.

5. Don’t be afraid to steal. Jobs was a visionary. Companies would roll out ideas that he thought were great, but the execution just was not there. Stealing something and making it better sounds horrible but I believe that is innovation at it’s finest. See where someone or a product has dropped the ball and execute what they tried to do better than the originator.

6. Don’t Play by the rules. Steve Job’s thought completely outside of the box. He coined


major throw back!

the term “Think Different.” To me that means, stretching your imagination as far as it can go.  Some ideas in the Apple think tank were so far out they had so say, “okay lets bring it back a little” but from those far out ideas came ground breaking tech.

7. Life is perfectly orchestrated, just go with the flow. When I finished Walter Isaacon’s novel, it hit me how perfect Steve Job’s life unfolded. Even when there were times he was homeless, felt abandoned and afraid, had disappointments, all those moments led to him becoming the CEO he needed to be for a company as world changing as Apple. Job’s had many low points in his career and personal life, but he always kept going because he had something to accomplish. I believe that if we all had a book written about our life and we went back and read it, we would see how perfect all of our lives end up.

I believe anyone that is in sales, marketing, or just wants to make a mark on the world should invest time into this book. You will not be sorry! If you have already read this book I would love to chop it up with you! Leave a comment or follow me on instagram @afrosandcondos.

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