Product Review!!

IMG_8964I am currently deep conditioning with a new conditioner that I picked up at Walmart. Now, I don’t have a fool proof method for picking out new hair products, I honestly just roll with what ever has natural ingredients and dope packaging (this method works with wine as well). When I saw this bottle on the shelf I was super excited to try it out and obviously tell you guys about the IMG_9015results!!

So this brand is called Maui Moisture, again I purchased this conditioner in Walmart for $6.79. It was the same price as my OGX Coconut Curl Miracle Oil so I was like “you know what let’s switch it up a lil bit!” Maui Moisture has other “flavors” or conditioners and Shampoo’s but I picked up the Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Conditioner For Thick Curly Hair. I believe this bottle was speaking to me!


This will be week two that I have deep conditioned with this product. Honestly I don’t think that I will be switching out my OGX Coconut Curl Miracle Oil for this brand. The smell was nice, but it didn’t give my hair that much slip when I ran the conditioner into each of the four sections of my hair. My hair did feel soft and hydrated after a warm rinse, but I believe my fro is softer when I use the Coconut Curl Miracle Oil. I did my first twist out after deep conditioning and my hair was nice and fluffy!

I do recommend that you try this brand out because everyone’s hair is different! Maui Moisture is something that I would recommend simply because they don’t put a lot of chemicals into their products. The last thing we want to be putting in our fro’s is a bunch of stuff we cannot pronounce!




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