Loc’s and Fro’s Lord Knows!

This week I want to talk about how I maintain a household full of natural hair. I can only see my hair schedule getting more hectic as our little one get’s older. I’m still in the trial and error phase but I love for my family to look nice! I believe if your hair is tight and right you will have the confidence to conquer the world!

Every two weeks I twist up Mario’s hair to tighten it up. He has been growing his loc’s for about 12 years now. I love how full his hair is! Lately we have been working on making his loc’s a little bigger, trying to get a cross between a corporate Bob Marley (if that’s even a thing). To make some of his thinner loc’s bigger I just put two neighboring loc’s together and twist them at the root, then I wrap the loc’s together all the way to the tip of the loc’s. His hair loc’s up really fast!


Mario’s hair is really thick so we use Murry’s Bee’s Wax to give him the kind of hold he needs. I also twist his loc’s after a fresh wash which makes it easier to grip the new growth. Murry’s is


the essentials!

really thick! Now, I have seen some people with loc’s saying it doesn’t work for them. I think that whether you are natural or have loc’s it is important to seek out what works for you.

Now, Mackenzie’s hair is something different. I haven’t quite figured out how to maintain her hair texture. It likes to loc up on it’s own. The regimen that I’m using on her hair is:

  1. Condition with the OGX Coconut Miracle Oil
  2. Detangle using my homemade mixture of coconut oil and olive oil. I found that this give her coils some slip to help ease the detangling process.
  3. I style using my curly butter

I’m strongly considering letting her get some loc’s because that just seems like what her hair naturally wants to do. When I have a successful twist out on her hair, her afro is beautiful! I’ll have to keep you guys posted on what Mack chooses!

I am thankful that my little baby isn’t in the stages of getting her hair done just yet. Maintaining everyone else’s hair during the week while trying to be have a fierce fro of my own is difficult. My hair mostly ends up in a pineapple by the middle of the week because I’m too tired to do my own hair. I’ve also invested in head wraps to hide the unkept mess sometimes. I keep telling myself that self care is important, buuuut I haven’t quite mastered fitting “me time” into my schedule just yet. Again, this is something I will blog about when I figure it out! I want so badly to be one of those youtube naturals that seems to have it together all the time. You know, those girls that are total #frogoals and you can’t help but go “yaaaassss” when they show off the results of a perfect wash n’ go (still haven’t mastered the wash n’ go yet)! My husband reminded me that I have been natural for 7 years. I’m ready to try some new things with my hair, and what better way to share with you guys than through this blog!




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