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My name is Chenea and I was once a PRODUCT JUNKIE! Honey, I had tote bags full of curling cremes, leave in conditioners, shea moisture everything and anything, it was


My Coconut Curls Collection

pretty bad. One day I was deep cleaning my bathroom and I told myself this has to stop! Not only was it taking over my bathroom but it was putting a serious dent in my wallet. I think this very fact makes me a reliable source for product reviews because I wouldn’t recommend something unless it has worked for me or my daughter (we have two different hair textures).

I wanted to share the wonderful world of Ogxbeauty because this company has been oneIMG_4044 that I have been riding with for about two years now. I REFUSE to switch my shampoo brand as of right now because I haven’t used anything that works as well as this stuff. If I ever find anything better I will let you know!

What you want in a good conditioner is something that will leave your hair hydrated and give you that added slip while detangling. I detangle my fro during a wash session while I’m in the shower, that’s just what works for me. This coconut miracle oil gave me all of that, without any sulfate or parabens that cause damage to your hair and scalp. I also use the coconut curls shampoo whenever I do wash but I don’t use shampoo very often. Washing natural hair too much can strip it of those natural oils and make it dry and crunchy! No one wants a crunchy fro!

I recently did a deep condition for the first time in a while. I sectioned my hair into 4 parts and applied the coconut miracle oil very liberally to each section and I let it sit for about an hour and 30 minutes. That left my hair feeling UH-MAZING! After this weeks wash I decided to try out a protective style because the cold winter hair and dry

apartment heat was just ruining my fro. I did some simple two strain twists all over and added some loc charms that I made by hand. I’ll have to do another post on protective styling as I get more into it.


I’m Kinda digging this style! 

The only thing WRONG with this product is that they don’t make their bottles bigger. A true natural knows that we FLY through conditioner like that! Making the sizes bigger would be a life saver, especially since everyone in my house hold uses this brand.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by OGX beauty for this review!


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