Color…lots of COLOR!

I recently made this chart about my business. The idea surrounding the chart was to help me sort out exactly what/who Mane-thing was supposed to be. I felt like I hadn’t had much success in ’17 with my business because I wasn’t being true to myself. I think I was trying to play it safe with my branding and product names etc. I decided last week to give both my Etsy page and my facebook page a facelift. I think I’m finally in a place now where I’m not afraid to offer my true self to the world.

I love color. When I vision my life all I see are brilliant beautiful colors. I even incorporate bright colors into my wardrobe. My Grandma Virginia would call my outfits “loud.” So I knew that what ever branding I was going to do with my businesses (any business) I would HAVE to incorporate color!

In addition to the new site themes, I added accessories to the Mane-thing shop as well. When I was in middle school I use to make jewelry and sell it to my neighbors and classmates. I stopped because I lost all my

materials when my family moved from Virginia to North Carolina. I was so upset I just never picked up the hobby again, I thought it would be too much work. Recently it just hit me that earrings would be a perfect addition to the shop because earrings are definitely a naturals best friend.

I believe that I just needed to create something that I could be proud of. You know when you are very proud of something you tell everyone about it, you love it you work hard for it. I’m starting to fall in love with this new creative space I’m putting together for myself. If something just isn’t working out, or you aren’t getting the results that you hoped for, it is okay to go back to the drawing board and tweak some things. I believe the strongest character trait that anyone can have is the ability to evaluate themselves and their decisions and make the necessary changes.


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