This year has been teaching me so many new things and new ideas. I know this blog is supposed to focus on natural hair and real estate but I have to throw in some life stuff that’s worth sharing!

IMG_8635 (1)I held my first open house last week and I didn’t get any traffic. I spent hours making marketing material and lining up vendors and my preferred lender. I did my open house ritual, set up my signs, walk around the house, visualize a happy family living a fantastic life in this beautiful home. Still no one showed up! I was okay with it and I’m still going to hold more open houses…here’s why!

When you want to make a major change in your business you have to be that change first. My husband and I are going to add listings to our business and expand the way we help people with the life transition of buying a new home. Open houses have always been a way to meet people face to face, and discuss what their needs are.

I told my husband that I’m happy I just got my butt up and did the open house. It was Sunday, I wanted to stay home and watch football and hang out with my honey, there were a lot of excuses I could have made, but I forced myself to do something that I really didn’t want to do because I knew it would build excellent momentum for our business.

This has been a really great week for us. We got our listing under contract, we have 2 new people to help find homes, and we got 4 people to our lender so that they can see if purchasing is an option for them right now. It was a very kick ass week for us!

Sometimes to set the tone for what ever it is that you want to do, you have to push yourself through the laziness and the negative self talk. The universe is waiting and is sooo eager to give you all the things that you have asked for, but the universe also wants you to align yourself with all those things, by putting in the work towards all that you have asked for. It may seem like you are wasting your time when you put forth that action, but it always seems to pay you back somewhere else down the line. Building momentum often means doing a lot of things that you do not want to do, or facing situations that seem unpleasant. One thing is for sure! You will be greatly rewarded for all the hard work that you put in! 


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