It has been about two years since I have started the journey to self improvement. I have been reading self-help books, watching documentaries, and just learning all I can about how to be better!

I was so tired of harvesting all this anger, guilt, and bitterness about things and people in my life that I had no control over. When I learned that I didn’t have to be angry, and I didn’t have to feel obligated to people that were not looking out for my best interest, life became a lot easier.

I wanted to share how gratitude has completely changed my life. I do something everyday called “My Thankfuls.” Everyday I try to write something in my journal that I


Thankfuls written after Harper’s birth!

am thankful for. It could be something like breathing, or wifi, ANYTHING, and I keep going until the things that I am thankful for become bigger and more clear! Doing this really flipped my perspective on life, because I was always feeling like there wasn’t enough, There wasn’t enough time, there wasn’t enough money, the world is just depleted (lol looking back on the life drama I created for myself is hilarious now!). When I started to be grateful for all the small things my life just began to be full of abundance because it was like I can see what I do have and I’m not focusing on what I don’t have.

I have been dealing with postpartum depression on and off these past two months after the baby. Sometimes I catch myself feeling hopeless or worried. When I write all the things that I am thankful for it pulls me out of that funk, and that feeling of lack.

So I want to challenge anyone that reads this to take a few minutes everyday for a few days, to write a list of the things you are thankful for. I promise you that your perspective on your reality will change in the best ways and you will feel lighter and happier. If you do this Gratitude Challenge, please share your experience with others!


4 thoughts on “Gratitude!

  1. This is definitely hopeful and showing me that I’m on the right path . I’ve been trying to not complain and not worry about what I don’t have and focus on what I do have . This blog was so hopeful. Thanks for it .


    • obeythefro says:

      I’m so glad this post could serve as confirmation for you! Realizing what’s right in front of you really makes it easier to enjoy where you are right now, no matter what the situation!


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