A Special Delivery…

Im back from another blogging hiatus! If you follow me on Facebook, I’m pretty open with most of the things going on in my life but I wanted to go in more depth with my story on my blog.

WE HAD OUR SWEET BABY GIRL!Harper Zoelle Powell was born on June 17th 2017. She was a tiny 4 pounds and 13 oz. Harper’s pregnancy was way different from our first born. The doctors were confused about her size, she grew slower than most babies in the womb. For weeks I had been going to the doctor 2-3 times doing stress tests and also the normal prenatal check ups. I think I’ve had a total of 7 ultrasounds during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters (I have racked up on those black and white ultrasound pictures!).

This was a complete surprise. I figured I would just sell houses and carry this baby just like I did with our first. I imagined myself closing deals with a baby bump! All the doctors appointments really set me back with my business.


We look super excited about Harper! 

One day I was really upset because I was so tired, prospecting for new business was out of the question, I didn’t even want to be around people nor did I have the strength to show houses. My husband looked me in my eyes and said “don’t worry, I got this.” Sure enough he’s been doing an excellent job keeping things a float while I was out of commission.

So, delivery day comes (I was induced), and we do 16 hours of labor. I pushed maybe 3 times and she was here. I got to hold Harper and I tried to nurse her, but something was off with her breathing. The doctors decided to put her in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) because she needed oxygen. It was odd. I think any mother in her right mind probably would have lost her shit. Even seeing your baby in the incubator with all those tubes and all hooked up to monitors would have completely stressed any mommy out. For some reason, I was at peace with it. I knew that she would be fine and I visualized her coming home and being healthy.

Recently I learned about the Universal Law of Relativity. It states that each person will be provided with a set of tests/lessons that will challenge them, for the purpose of strengthening their light within. This law allows you to put those challenges into perspective, that there is someone in a worse situation, no matter how bad your situation may be. Harper having to stay in the hospital for 5 days was a challenge for us, but she was only there for 5 days. There were babies that had been in the NICU for 25


On the way home!

days, or just inconsolable and unhappy, constantly crying because they weren’t feeling well. I could not look at our situation as if we were the only parents dealing with pain and sadness over a sick child.

I am thankful that she is happy and healthy now. She’s nursing regularly and successfully keeping mommy and daddy up all night! The lesson that I took from this is to have patience and remain positive. Yes the unexpected can happen, you can’t plan for everything to go smoothly, but when it gets rough, the power of visualization and remaining positive will prevail. Just remember that challenges and tests are necessary to drive you to where you want to be in life! 


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