Pink and Pearls!!

Support is so important to have when you are starting a new venture or life change. You need people that will make sure you have coffee on those late nights, make you laugh when you just want to cry, and make sure you achieve your goals!

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One of the coolest couples!

This past weekend my sister in law Lateefah, threw her first event! She told us a while ago that she wanted to get into event planning, she didn’t have a lot of experience but she felt like it was something that would make her happy. According to Tameka (her girlfriend/my sister in-law) she had been working on this event since last December and she hadn’t had any rest the week leading up to the event. Tameka was saying about how proud she was of Teefah, and how she had never seen someone work so hard at something.

The event was beautiful! She had even the smallest details down from the little packets that held the shower games, to the falling pearls on the table decorations, everything was amazing! It was wonderful to see her vision come to life, and to be able to share that moment of fruition with Teefah was awesome! The mommy and daddy to be couldn’t have been happier with how everything came out!

I love it when people put their goals into action. I think we had the discussion about her starting this venture during Thanksgiving, and she went right to work the next month planning her first event! I wish Lateefah much success in her new endeavor and she knows that no matter what Mario and I will be there to support her all the way! Congrats Teefah!

For more information on party and event planning you can contact Teefah at


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