A Moisturizing Moment…


My mom and my sister are basically my testers right now. My hair formula has been on the market about 8 months and I haven’t had the opportunity to get any long term feed back just yet.

So far my mom and sisters’ hair looks really good! I mean, I knew that it worked for my hair and my daughters hair but my mom and sister’s fro’s look excellent!


Three Generations of Fabulous Fro’s

It’s funny, when my mom did her big chop she hated it. Like she told me that she was going back to a relaxer immediately after she got some length going. As her fro grew, she started to really embrace it! I told her she looks radiant, which is the truth. I had to explain to her that when you begin to love your natural hair, it starts to take on a life of it’s own.

Kayla on the other hand, was down to chop all her hair off anyways. She loves being natural and she has embraced the whole process.

Both my mom and my sisters afro’s are getting big and Curly Butter really locks in that moisture that African hair needs while holding added texture from twist outs and braid outs. Remember that true moisture comes from water and water alone! What you want in a product, is something that is going to help you retain water in your curls.

Also, your nightly ritual is super important! Cotton pillow cases have a tendency to suck the moisture out of you hair, so when you wake up in the morning, you have a dry lop sided fro! I recommend a satin pillow case for all the princess sleepers. If you sleep like a wild woman like myself, a satin bonnet should do the trick!


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