Growing in our Business…

So far I have closed three houses! It is an amazing feeling accomplishing something you set out to do. I think I have become addicted to moments of fruition, those moments when you are standing in the very moment that you dreamed and worked hard for!

My first deal took about 60 days to close. The client was getting really restless with the process. He was even homeless the last two weeks of the deal! I was super nervous at my first closing, luckily my husband fought off his sleepiness from working third shift to be there with me! I’m glad he came along because he kept the long closing process interesting! We finally closed and he achieved his dream of living in the country and owning land! I’m happy that I could be a part of making a dream come true for someone!


My client knew I was an Alabama fan so he bought me a hat while he was there. Those are eggs from his new chickens.

My second deal was a real doozy! I had an investor that I just fell in love with! She’s a very foxy older woman and I enjoyed working with her! We got her into an investment property that she was going to use to help bring in income when she retired. Retiring is a big deal, and making sure you are financially secure during this part of your life is important! After hours of arguing with the listing agent, and the seller threatening to kill the deal...we got her the keys! A two week closing that became super complicated but I learned a lot!

My most recent deal was this fellow that was looking for a home spend his retirement. He wanted lots of land for his grandkids to play and to hunt! After 6 months of searching in an area with low inventory we found them the perfect home and we closed it!  This was my smoothest deals by far but towards the end there were some hiccups that caused us to close a week later than expected. Again , after more fussing and finger pointing we got the job done!

I am thankful that I was given some of the most complicated deals the first go round.  I learned not to quit, I learned how to win by getting creative and resourceful, and I also learned how to assert myself when I know what’s right for my client. I learned how to negotiate and make all parties happy and most importantly I learned how to connect with people by simply being myself! I also had a few people that I couldn’t close, and deals that fell apart, but I kept going. When things fall apart you can’t dwell on them, you have to keep pushing towards the finish line. Those three deals really made me realize that real estate is my calling, while I am still learning and still growing our business, I am thankful for the few victories that I have! I know now that I can do what ever I put my mind to!


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