My Life…A Complete Whirl Wind!

They say if you make plans, God will laugh at them. Whoever came up with that saying ain’t never lied! It’s been a while since my last post. I totally fell off the blog train, but that’s okay, as long as I get back on. So much has happened since my last post and as usual I will give you the complete tea (scope, or story)!


For starters, we found out that we are having another baby Powell. I kind of knew deep down that I was due for another baby but I pushed the thought far away from my mind (the baby is kicking as I write this post). How do I feel? Well the last time we found out we were pregnant, we weren’t in an ideal situation, but we worked hard and made the best out of it. I believe the universe kinda gives you a push when you need one, and this baby is certainly the kind of push Mario and I need. I’m excited, but also a little worried as usual!

What else has happened? We were offered a major opportunity with our Real Estate Firm to mentor under the CEO of the company. It’s pretty exciting, he is a really successful entrepreneur and we hope to have success in a lot of the same ventures that he invests in. I feel like it’s an opportunity of a lifetime and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel truly blessed, and I know that we will achieve the success that we are working for under his leadership!

Since my last post I have closed three deals, which is pretty good so far in my true first year of working real estate. I’ll post another in depth blog about what I have learned through these transactions and how they have made me a stronger business women and a stronger person.

So I like to keep my posts short and to the point so I will have to back track on a few things that have happened and blog specifically about those events. But I am back! I saw this quote from Warren Buffet on my Facebook TL that talked about not letting your businesses fall by the wayside. So this week I have really been getting my pregnant self back together! More posts on the way!


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