Make it happen.


MY HUSBAND PASSED HIS REAL ESTATE EXAM!!! Yeah..I’m pretty excited about that! It took him a few tries but he really put his focus on it and he achieved his goal. Mario is officially a Real Estate agent…


Babe and I at his first meeting!

Story time…

So a fun fact about my husband…When we first met he was pursuing a career in music. Now a lot of guys do music whether they are producing or rapping, in fact any guy I dated before I met my husband was into music. He really stood out from everyone else that was doing music because he didn’t just talk about it, everyday he was up early putting in the work to get his music out there, marketing himself and meeting people. His music was really good too!

I remember one day I was working in drive through at Dairy Queen (note to self: write a blog about the moment I decided I


Money Griffin…

could not work a 9-5) and this woman came to get an ice cream cone and she was jamming to my future husbands song on the radio. He made that happen for himself.

Mario had this white Toyota Camry that he put almost half a million miles on (I’m not joking). He would travel all over Carolina and Virginia to perform, sell his CD’s and promoting events that he was headlining. His passion for what he was doing was something that I had never seen.


The Money Machine…

When I got my license, I went to my first training class. The trainers just kept talking about getting up and grinding, and making it happen for yourself. They talked about working your sphere of influence, and connecting with people, branding yourself etc. I came home that day and told him he needed to get his Real Estate License because I new this was a field that he would be great in…and he did! His license was officially hung last Friday. He’s just a week into his new career and he’s already kicking ass!

I’m really excited for us, this is a whole new chapter and we are setting out to achieve the goals that we are setting for ourselves! All of this just came from starting and doing what we said we were going to do. When you make an obligation to yourself to do something always keep it. No matter how hard it is or how much work you have to put in, keep pushing yourself. That moment when you realize that you are making it happen for yourself is a great feeling!


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