4th of July Weekend!!

Okay so, who doesn’t love a 4 day weekend?! Even when you work for yourself, holiday weekends are the absolute best! Everyone is in a good mood, despite the sweltering heat and cray cray traffic. Our family had a super busy holiday.

Friday: We attended “Fridays @ the Fountain.” This event is concert series that is held every Friday at the Oyster Point City Center. There is live music, food trucks, drinks, and games for the kids. And best of all…ENTRANCE IS FREE! Funny story, my husbands ex-boss told him about this awesome local band called “The Fuzz Band” and we have been trying to see them perform for about 2 years now. We finally caught them at “Fridays @ the Fountain” and they are really good! Super funky lead singers and an excellent band to back them up. They also did a Prince tribute that was out of this world! We danced until the party was over!

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Saturday: We drove home (when ever I say we went home, I’m usually talking about North Carolina) to be with our families for the holiday. My husbands family threw a

huge cookout/family reunion in the Occoneecheeneck (say that 5 times fast!) He learned so much about his family history from his dad. He taught us about how their families built a community on this patch of land. He pointed out all the old shacks

that use to be peoples homes, and all of the spots that he enjoyed when he was a little boy. My husband learned that he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Learning your family history is very important. Every since he learned about his family history, his light has been shining even brighter.



The mommy to be…

We also went home to attend my cousins baby shower. Kia and Kiara are welcoming their baby boy Jayce into the world soon. My cousin looked absolutely beautiful and I know baby Jayce will be a handsome fellow! I know that the sister’s will be excellent moms!

I usually don’t participate in family events. I grew up in Norfolk Virginia, so I never really had the opportunity to grew up around all my relatives the way my husband did. It has always been a challenge for me to connect with my family. I think a lot of it was just how I felt about myself. The relatives that I am closest to, will tell you that I am the black sheep of the family for sure!  In this new part of my life I have decided that I need to be more active in my family, and I need to be more supportive. There is no reason for me to feel like an outsider, because we are all one. Family is everything, and I want them all to know that I love them very much! #message!


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