Family Traditions!!

My name is Chenea, and…I am a hippie. Yes, I admit it. I love love LOVE, festival season! Every year our family tries to attend as many festivals as possible. So far we have attended the Broccoli City Festival in DC, the Reggae Fest in Hampton, and (our personal favorite) the Bayou Boogaloo Cajun Fest in Norfolk. We have a great time every year that we go and this year my little sister Kayla participated in this Powell family tradition!

For one weekend Waterside Drive becomes Bourbon Street. You get to experience Louisiana right in Hampton roads! The music is amazing! The Boogaloo features some of the best blues bands I have ever heard. THE BEST PART IS THE FOOD! As soon as we set up camp, my Husband and I devise a plan of action to get through the long food lines as fast as possible! This year we ate these huge ‘nawlins style crab cake sandwiches, beignets and fried chicken, and these DELICIOUS Gator Nachos! Seriously, if you have never tried gator, I strongly recommend it!

Festivals are a nice escape. You get to relax and enjoy yourself for an entire day, listen to good music,and meet fantastic people. Festivals always remind me to slow down, be in the power of now, and enjoy myself!

Sidenote: I would have taken pictures of the food, but it was so delicious! Taking a picture completely slipped my mind!


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