An Awesome Week…

Last week was one of those weeks that really made all of the long hard hours worth it. I finally opened my Etsy shop, I sold my first jar of Curly Butter, I signed on two new clients, and I received some great feedback from my product testers! I have been working hard, non stop for three months now. It’s funny how we feel that all of our hard work deserves some kind of monetary gain. I am learning that a lot of the beginning stages of this process is about just that…learning!

I had a client a month ago, that I just knew I could get to the closing table, but the deal fell through and my client gave up on their home search. I was upset. I won’t lie. I felt as though I failed and I missed an opportunity to make some serious cash. But as I work with these two new clients, I can already feel the confidence in myself, and I have way more knowledge in real estate than I had before. My mentor always says, “when you equip yourself with the knowledge, that’s when the confidence comes.” She could not be more right!

A lot of this is patience. In fact all of this is about patience. Beware, I’m going to get a bit spiritual on you…During this last full moon, I made a promise to myself that I was going to stop worrying so much. I was already surrendering myself to this free fall into entrepreneurship, but I was constantly worried about things that I could not control (#virgoproblems). When I released all of the resistance that my ego was holding on to, everything fell into place within a matter of days!

So, it was a pretty kick ass week. I hope that you have a kick ass week as well!


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