First blog post

I am so not a blogger. I am not one of those hip girls that can sit with a cup of tea and her macbook and blog about all her life experiences. I wanted to try my hand at this “blog thing” because I have decided to make some serious life changes, and I wanted to share these changes with people that may be like me or afraid to try new things. What you see on this blog will not be fabricated. I will share my successes and my failures, my highs and my lows.

WARNING!! you will see a lot of pictures of my family. I love them so much! They are the reason I wanted to change my life. My husband Mario is my best friend, he is my partner in crime. I will be sharing the many adventures that we go on together. My daughter Mackenzie is a pure diva. She will be 4 this year and watching her grow up has been very bitter sweet. I also have a step daughter that is 7 years old. She is growing into a beautiful young lady, I swear she has the biggest heart in the world.

I hope that this blog inspires people to step out of their comfort zone and chase their dreams. This chapter of my life has been INSANE and emotional, but I want to share my journey to encourage others.


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